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Flax Straw, Fiber & Shive Around the World


Natural and Man-Made Fibers and their Role in Creation of Physiological State of Human Body



 CRAiLAR fiber can be labeled as flax & not linen




"Nanolignin modified linen fabric as Multifunctional Product" natural UV protection:


Canada's Flax Fiber Capabilities

Stakeholders across Canada are working to develop a vibrant flax fiber industry. Research, Production & Value-Added


Man’s oldest fibre holds bandage breakthrough | euronews, science: Traditional bandages for protecting and healing wounds may soon be a thing of the past thanks to
a team of scientists in Wroclaw University, Poland. They claim they have genetically modified a ‘flax’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flax to produce linen bandages that dramatically improve healing.



The studies of clothes made out of 100% linen, 100% polyester (PES) and their blends with a different percentage of both kinds of raw material proved that there were considerable changes in the parameters of skin–clothes microclimate that depend on the share of polyester fibres in the blends with linen.

Linen used to be very important in Canada!
http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=HCJQCWDIozk&feature=you tu.be

 Linen, which is used for apparel and interior textiles, comes from the long, strong bast fibres that form in the outer portions of the flax stem


Several partners are working together on a project to examine whether fiber from flax and hemp could replace cotton for one of Canada's largest suppliers of uniforms to the Canadian Forces

Before being made into yarn, natural fibers such as hemp or flax must undergo a retting process to eliminate lignins and pectins. Current processing methods are based on chemical products or natural river retting, which are both unacceptable from a sustainable development perspective. The introduction of NRC’s newest technology based on enzymes will allow us to produce industrial hemp and flax fibres in a regular quality to make uniforms, our main product.



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